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Manual Hand Pump for Deep or Shallow Wells - 25, 50, or 100 Feet

Finding the right well pump is a challenge that many well owners know and understand. With that in mind, Legacy found an incredible hand pump that addresses many of the problems with existing hand well pumps. This fantastic pump has a very simple and effective design, which means less moving parts and a much lower likelihood of breaking.

Since it is not made of hard PVC pipes, it is easy to remove from your well and can even be used in streams and lakes if you are camping or out in the woods.  The innovative design requires no holes drilled into your well cover and allows you to store this pump inside your well so that no handle is sticking out for people to see, kids to play with or trip over and break. Our pump is so easy to use that even kids can pump and get water to flow. The smart design allows any one with some basic handyman skills to adjust the length of the pipe so that your pipe depth hits the ideal and optimum level for your well.

Hand Well Pump Advantages -

No Assembly Required- Take it out of the box and put it in the well. (May need to adjust pipe length for optimal performance)
Lightweight- Our pump unit weighs less than 15 lbs complete. It also weighs less when pumping water since a smaller diameter hose means you are pushing a lighter column of water.
Flexible Design- Simple to take in and out of well. Even works in streams and lakes.
1-Piece Design- Simple construction means it is less likely to break at connection points like PVC section pumps. Also, it is less affected by cold weather.
Easy, Hidden Storage- Store your pump inside the well housing and take it out when you need it, or roll it up and store it in your garage. No holes are drilled in your pump cover and there is not a pump handle sticking out of the top of your well, waiting to be broken by kids or weather. Innovative design for storage helps to keep your well safe from contamination.
Easy to Pump- Even kids can get water from our pump. Check out our videos -
Adjustable Lengths- Fairly simple to adjust pipe length with some standard tools and a little elbow grease. We have documentation to help you in that process.
Economical- Half the cost of many of our competitors.
Dependable- We utilize a one moving part design using stainless steel and aluminum pump parts and a metal handle. The only thing that would ever need replacement are a couple of o-rings and it would take thousands of pumps before that would be required. If replacement becomes necessary, it requires unscrewing one fitting and replacing an o-ring that can be found at most hardware stores and performed by almost anyone.


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