13-in-1 Survival Tool Kit contents -

  • Black, Waterproof Case - We upgraded the clips on this case to make sure that they last, don't leak, and keep your tools protected!
  • Multifunction Tactical Knife -  Rustproof, stainless steel folding blade with simple locking mechanism, belt clip, seatbelt cutter and window breaker built-in!
  • 5-in-1 Paracord Bracelet - Embedded compass, fire starter, whistle, scrapper and 7-strand, 550 lb strength rating Paracord make this bracelet an absolute must!
  • Credit Card Multi-Tool - Amazing little tool fits right into your wallet! With a can opener, 2 sharp knife blade edges, 2 screwdrivers, ruler, bottle opener, hex wrench with 4 sizes, paracord, serrated knife edge, nail remover, and more all built right into the metal. Don't leave home without it!
  • LED Flashlight - High, Low, and Strobe functionality, AA Battery not included.
  • Wire Saw - Perfect for cutting small branches and clearing trees out of your path!
  • Aluminum Alloy Whistle - Unique double-tube design generates up to 120db sound. Comes on keychain.
  • Multi-tool Striker and Ferro Rod - Compact firestarter toolset with ferro rod, multitool scraper and paracord lanyard. 
  • Tactical Survival Pen - Tungsten steel pen is incredibly strong and includes built-in window/grass breaker.
  • Water Bottle Clip - Simple clip to make carrying water bottles easier.
  • Carabiner - Not rated for climbing but comes in handy all the time!
  • Emergency Mylar Blanket - Compact, reusable, water and wind proof, this trusty blanket can retain up to 90% of body heat. Works well as shelter, ground cover, shade, signaling, staying dry or warm, and more!


    Waterproof Case Dimensions -

    • Weight - 1.1 lbs
    • Size - 6.6"L x 4.3"W x 1.9"H