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1Large Nylon Bag - Red
1Jumper Cables
1Ice Scraper
1Emergency Roadside Triangle
112V MultiPositional Work Light
1HeatStore Blanket
2Adult Emergency Poncho
2Emergency Reflective Blanket 52"x84"
15mm x 50' Paracord Rope
1Waterproof Notebook
1Work Gloves
44.2 oz Water Pouches (5 year shelf life)
1Signal Whistle
19 LED Compact Flashlight (AAA Batteries included)


53 pc. First Aid Kit(15 bandages 3/8"x1.5", 15 bandages .75"x3", 2 Sterile Sponge Dressings 2"x2", 6 Antiseptic Towelettes, 2 Butterfly Closures, 10 Cotton Tip Applicators, 3 Safety Pins)

Deluxe Auto Emergency Kit

SKU: AK0002
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